Port of Los Angeles

Internet Data Management System and SBD Program Implementation

  • Installed the TMM proprietary internet-based data collection, management, tracking, reporting System, eDX, (now known as BOARDX)
  • Contracts and Purchasing Division implemented this internet-based registration, simple-to-use point and click application for Port staff, businesses and contractors to access procurement, business intelligence and contract data; to register all its Suppliers, Contractors, Vendors, Subcontractors; to manage outreach, collect and communicate contract data; to audit and report data to users and reporting authorities; and to provide a customized the system to support the Port’s Small Business Development Program.


Petros` Energy Products

Executive Management and Marketing

  • Design and Implement marketing and branding strategy
  • Business consultation to improve customer acquisition and retention
  • Prepare and update business certification information for minority and disadvantaged business enterprise certifications from state and federal agencies Marketing support for matching municipal agencies with available products and services 


University of Southern California Business Expansion Network

Business Certification Preparation Training and Contracting Assistance (Bridges to Contract Opportunities)

  • Developed workshops and one on one training for suppliers, contractors and vendors to obtain MBE/DBE/WBE/HUB certification applications under the California Unified Certification Program (CUCP), administered by the City of Los Angeles’ Department of Public Works, and the Los Angeles County MTA.
  • Provided businesses with access to contract opportunities, access to government guaranteed business financing and bonding, e-procurement tools and resources.
  • Expedited business certification processing and vendor registration with multiple certifying agencies and contracting sources.
  • Developed customized business development training, and working with City of Los Angeles Department of Housing sourced more than $4 million in contract opportunities for business that completed training, generating 469 new jobs.

City of Monterey Park, CA

Market Study and Brand Analysis 

  • Conducted market and brand analysis for City of Monterey Park to assist with their General Plan housing and commercial redevelopment efforts. Surveyed and performed Demographic and Lifestyle Analysis; Product Usage and Media Analysis; Brand Opportunities, Cannibalization, Traffic Patterns, and Daytime/Nighttime Population Analysis; and Mapping Product Interactivity and Internet Access.
  • Provided comprehensive market analysis reports comprised of economic and demographic data, as well as psychographic data on consumer lifestyle and personal preferences making it possible to provide forecasts for future planning and activity and providing the City with additional variables for consideration of future trends.
  • Performed Geographic Information Mapping (GIS) research to provide City with a “roadmap” for the implementation of commercial, residential and open space development.