Business Opportunities and Reporting Data Xchange System (BOARDX), created by TMM Enterprises Group, Inc (TMM), provides web-based solutions for business and government agency operations.

BOARDX is a robust suite of tools designed to manage business registration and contract data; search and report contract opportunities; advertise and source bids and contracts; communicate via the web with video conferencing tools for meetings, trainings, webinars and support, and to attract businesses in every major industry through advertising and direct campaigns.

The features of BOARDX provide effective ways to manage information and provide business intelligence, in real-time and customized reports, and enable the client to communicate in a one-to-one or group forum within a secure environment.

Business Opportunities And Reporting Data Xchange (BOARDX) also has a transactional model which provides an eProcurement solution for contract and bid opportunities for NO UPFRONT or BASIC USE COSTS.

The transactional model is based on a Pay-per-Use (PPU) costs for use of additional system features accessed and used for contract awards or projects.

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