One of the core goals and commitments for TMM is to provide expanded opportunities for prime contractor diversity subcontracting, support for government and commercial contract compliance, and business development and infrastructure capacity building support to the supplier community without increasing the staff size of the business or contract letting agency or firm.


TMM has developed and provides BRIDGES to Contract Opportunities training workshops and seminars designed to drive change in business contracting philosophy, navigate the business owner through contract regulations and legalities, accounting, bonding, financing, safety, marketing and capacity building, and promotes a collaborative culture and values throughout the business community.  TMM can custom design specific solutions to address the day-to-day challenges encountered by businesses.

TMM maintains a network of the graduating businesses to take on projects, on an on-going basis, that become available through the TMM Biz Opportunities Xchange (BOX) database. Industry disciplines and capabilities are available upon request.


If you are looking for services or additional resources in any of these categories, please contact

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